About Us

We are on a mission to help every educator, coach and teacher out there, in launching their online course business.. THE RIGHT WAY! We provide action oriented courses and consultation to anyone who wants to setup their e-learning business

Our Story

We are a group of digital marketers and data scientists, who have been working in the marketing analytics industry since the last 5 years. We love teaching and along side our regular jobs, are currently visiting professors at various MBA institutes.

When we wanted to start our own e-learning business, we had no clarity. After months of seeking information from Youtube and other sites, we launched our e-learning website: Medialytics Ninja.

But the journey was very tiring. Mostly because everything was so theoretical. We needed something that motivates us to take action. Also, the current content on Internet is very contradicting. 

Should you setup a website or not?
Should you do live classes?
Which LMS to purchase.
Heck! What is an LMS in first place!

So it took us 6 months in discovering answers to all these uncertainties that every coach undergo while planning to launch an e-learning business.

Hence, we decided to start Launch My Course, which aims to be a one-stop solution for all your e-learning business related needs. We provide free resources, self serving courses, one-on-one consultation and technical support services.